Alexa B

Alexa Belulovich is a former Nassau County Girl Scout, former member of Troop 2378 and a 2015 Gold Award recipient.

Alexa joined Girl Scouts in kindergarten as a Daisy, the youngest Girl Scout group. Her mom signed her up, because she thought it would help Alexa make friends, but in reality, Girl Scouts taught her not only about friendship but also about responsibility, leadership, respect, honesty and more.

In 2015, she received her Girl Scout Gold Award. Alexa’s Girl Scout Gold Award Take Action Project, Food Allergy Awareness, aimed to help educate children about the potential dangers of food allergies. 

Partnering with the Lynbrook School District’s Summer Playground program, Alexa conducted workshops for children in kindergarten through sixth grade to educate them about food allergies. She also distributed pre-and post-surveys to the families and camp staff that furthered the education beyond the workshops. To reach a larger audience, Alexa also created a website and informational brochure.

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