The Girl Scout Cadettes are the fourth level in the Girl Scouts of the USA. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders are in this level. 

Uniforms Edit

Their uniform is a khaki vest or sash with white shirts and khaki bottoms.

Patches and Pins Edit

There are about 37 patches and pins. Here's a list of them all!

  1. Cadette/Senior Insignia Tab
  2. World Trefoil Pin
  3. Leader in Training Pin
  4. Counselor in Training Pin
  5. Counselor in Training II Pin
  6. Girl Scout Gold Award
  7. Girl Scout Pin (contemporary or traditional)
  8. Membership Numeral Guards
  9. Leader in Training Award
  10. Counselor in Training Award
  11. Senior Girl Scout Program Aide Award
  12. Cadette Girl Scout Program Aide Award
  13. Cookie Sale Activity Pin
  14. From Dreams to Reality Award
  15. Interest Project Award
  16. Cadette Girl Scout Leadership Pin
  17. Senior Girl Scout Leadership Pin
  18. Girl Scout Silver Award
  19. Career Exploration Pin
  20. Senior Girl Scout Troop Assistant Pin
  21. Community Service Bar
  22. Senior Girl Scout Challenge Pin
  23. Cadette Girl Scout Challenge Pin
  24. Bridge to Cadette Girl Scouts Award
  25. Bridge to Senior Girl Scouts Award
  26. Brownie Wings
  27. Cadette Girl Scout Program Aide Pin
  28. Senior Girl Scout Program Aide Pin
  29. Personalized ID Pin
  30. Membership Star
  31. Disc for Membership Star-white
  32. Disc for Membership Star-red
  33. Troop Numerals
  34. Troop Crest
  35. Girl Scout Council Identification Set
  36. Safety Award
  37. Patrol Leader's Cord

Gallery Edit

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