A cornerstone of Girl Scouting, the seven legacy badges build on over 100 years of Girl Scout history. Each of these badges (Artist, Athlete, Citizen, Cook, First Aid, Girl Scout Way, and Naturalist) is available at five levels of Girl Scouting, from Brownie to Ambassador.

Badge Category Brownie Junior Cadette Senior Ambassador
Artist Painting  Drawing  Comic Artist  Collage  Photographer 
Athlete Fair Play  Practice with Purpose  Good Sportsmanship  Cross-Training  Coaching 
Citizen Celebrating Community  Inside Government  Finding Common Ground  Behind the Ballot  Public Policy 
Cook Snacks Simple Meals  New Cuisines  Locavore Dinner Party
First Aid Brownie First Aid  Junior First Aid  Cadette First Aid Senior First Aid Ambassador First Aid
Girl Scout Way Brownie Girl Scout Way  Junior Girl Scout Way Cadette Girl Scout Way Senior Girl Scout Way Ambassador Girl Scout Way
Naturalist Bugs  Flowers  Trees Sky Water

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