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Girl Scouts of Suffolk County Gold Award Ceremony & Dinner 2017 honored 87 girls from Suffolk earned the Gold Award—Girl Scouts' highest honor—in 2016-2017! 

About the Girl Scout Gold Award Edit

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Gold Award (Girl Scouts of the USA)

The Girl Scout Gold Award, Girl Scouting’s highest honor, is earned through a project that meets an expressed need in the community.

Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts are challenged to excel in the areas of leadership and service as they utilize skills learned from the Journeys to complete their Gold Award project. Earning the Girl Scout Gold Award is no simple task. It requires completion of a series of steps: identify a community need; investigate it thoroughly; request help and build a team; create a plan; present the plan; gather feedback; take action; and educate and inspire others.

In reaching out to others, these young women learn about the talents and strengths within themselves.

A Gold Award recipient becomes a community leader whose accomplishments set her apart from the rest. The organizational skills, leadership skills, and sense of community and commitment that come from “going for the gold” set the foundation for a lifetime of active citizenship. The list of opportunities is endless.  

Gold Award Support Team Edit

  1. Alena Berenblatt
  2. Michele Camilleri
  3. Kathy Ciano
  4. Cheryl D'Agostino
  5. Colette Galvez
  6. Lisa Garzona
  7. Victoria Genovese
  8. Joan Godbold
  9. Mary Grizzle
  10. Linda Knieste
  11. Doryce Polanish
  12. Pat Ramo
  13. Janet Recchia
  14. Liz Sosulski

Gold Award Recipients Edit

  1. Aydan Ackerman
  2. Jaclyn Acquaviva
  3. Allison Adams
  4. Nina Barcelon
  5. Melissa Belz
  6. Brittney Berke
  7. Mikayla Berman
  8. Amanda Berryman
  9. Stefanie Bishop
  10. Katie Bucking
  11. Ciara Burke
  12. Gianna Buttitta
  13. Rosemary Cannarella
  14. Christina Capobianco
  15. Kristin Carson
  16. Jade Carvalho
  17. Shannon Cassidy
  18. Kayla Christie
  19. Kaitlyn Connor
  20. Courtney Cronin
  21. Rebecca Davan
  22. Jaclyn Dentrone
  23. Mia DeRicco
  24. Celine DeSantis
  25. Teresa DeSantis
  26. Nicole Desrosiers
  27. Ariana Gerdis
  28. Gabriella Hayle
  29. Abigail Hubbell
  30. Caitlin Hubbell
  31. Jenna Jaworski
  32. Avani Jurakhan
  33. Alexandra Karopoulos
  34. Olivia Kerarse
  35. Jillian Kletchka
  36. Skylar Kouril
  37. Taylor Kozak
  38. Rebecca Kreamer
  39. Jessica Kruszewski
  40. Jenna Langan
  41. Anjali Maheshwari
  42. Olivia Martorano
  43. Antoinette Mavrotheris
  44. Melissa Migliano
  45. Hannah Montenegro
  46. Tarabeth Moon
  47. Reanna Morra
  48. Colleen Murphy
  49. Laura Naranjo
  50. Jacqueline Nelson
  51. Sara Nilsen
  52. Alexia O'Brien
  53. Melissa O'Connell
  54. Natalie O'Hara
  55. Emily Orski
  56. Klaudia Paone
  57. Samantha Parmely
  58. Katie Pernice
  59. Ilana Phillips
  60. Marissa Piccininni
  61. Victoria Pirrera
  62. Olivia Pitta
  63. Caroline Popielaski
  64. Emily Potter
  65. Julie Pumarejo
  66. Bianca Punger
  67. Haley Rebetti
  68. Sabrina Rivera
  69. Caitlin Rodriguez
  70. Alyssa Rodriguez
  71. Briana Rohan
  72. Alexandra Romanoff
  73. Noelle Roth
  74. Khadija Saad
  75. Christine Saturno
  76. Meri Sher
  77. Emily Sidor
  78. Emma Spear
  79. Brittney Starzee
  80. Irene Swartz
  81. Margaret Terry
  82. Julia Tetrault
  83. Taylor Theiling
  84. Diamond Thomas
  85. Olivia Valle
  86. Stephanie Warner
  87. Donna Wilcox
  88. Katie Wilkie

About Girl Scouts of Suffolk County Edit

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  • Largest youth-serving agency in Suffolk County 
  • Serves one of every four girls in Suffolk annually 
  • Membership open to all girls ages 5 through 17 (Grades K - 12) 
  • Part of a larger world of Girl Scouting through membership in Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. 

Mission Statement Edit

Girl Scouts of Suffolk County builds girls of courage, con dence and character who make the world a better place.

Vision Statement Edit

For every girl to realize that there are no limitations to what she can accomplish. If she can dream it, she can do it. 

Membership Edit

The council serves more than 40,000 Girl Scouts. There are also more than 9,000 adult members, including volunteer troop leaders, administrators, consultants, board members and employed staff specialists.