In Girl Scouts, it's a tradition to sell Girl Scout Cookies. Selling Girl Scout cookies helps girls in Girl Scouts learn 5 skills that they will use all throughout their lives. Plus, the Girl Scout will earn a Cookie Activity Pin and some badges too!

5 Life SkillsEdit

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Decision Making
  3. Money Management
  4. People Skills
  5. Business Ethics



  • Money Counts Badge- The Daises get this badge learn about money and it's worth.
  • Making Choices Badge- The Daises get this badge by knowing how to make choices using money.
  • Count It Up Badge- The Daises get this badge by seeing how cookie money adds up.
  • Talk It Up Badge- The Dasies get this badge by deciding how to best use cookie profits.


  • Money Manager Badge-
  • Philanthropist Badge-
  • Meet My Customers Badge-
  • Give Back Badge-
  • Inventor Badge-


  • Business Owner Badge-
  • Savvy Shopper Badge-
  • Cookie CEO Badge-
  • Customer Insights Badge-
  • Product Designer Badge-


List of Girl Scout CookiesEdit

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