GSNC Gold Award Recipient Julie K

Julie Kapuvari is a former member of Troop 2403 in the Girl Scouts of Nassau County and a 2015 Gold Award Recipient.

In 2015, she was selected for one of Girl Scout’s highest honors, and was named by Girl Scouts of the USA as one of the “2015 National Young Women of Distinction,” for her Gold Award project, “Pollination Project: Don’t Bee Afraid, Bee-lieve.” for addressing the issue of Colony Collapse Disorder which affects the honeybee population.  

This special honor and designation by Girl Scouts of the USA showcases Julie Kapuvari’s extraordinary leadership over a project that had measureable and sustainable impact and addressed a global issue. Julie is a 2015 graduate of Massapequa High School and was one of only 10 young women nationwide to receive the award.

Julie discovered that since 2006, beekeepers have been experiencing major colony losses of 30% to 90% of their apiaries that were later attributed to Colony Collapse Disorder. This has been directly harming commercial beekeeping and pollination operations. Julie helped address this problem by becoming a beekeeper, conducting presentations for a variety of groups, educating them about the need for bee colonies and pesticide free environments. Julie’s colony is on an organic farm. The colony will contribute to its sustainability and productivity, while the organic farm creates a safe haven for the endangered species.

Julie Kapuvari received a college scholarship from both the Kappa Delta Foundation and Girl Scouts of the USA. Each generously provided a $5,000 scholarship to all of the ten National Young Women of Distinction.

In 2015, Julie received her Gold Award at GSNC’s Ceremony held on June 20, 2015. She was honored at a national recognition ceremony hosted by Girl Scouts of the USA. She was also featured in a livestreaming TED Talk–­­style event with her fellow National Young Women of Distinction. Both the recognition ceremony and livestream was held on October 7, 2015, in New York.